Behind the scenes of Red Roof Cat
The Story

Although our manly band mates are close to knights, this isn’t a story about them rescuing princesses or slaying dragons. This is the story of Red Roof Cat. How five individuals came together to fulfill one quest: To seek the holy combination of chords, melody and rhythm that makes Music with the capital M.

The first adventurer to start this band was Jack Ha, knight of the weeping guitar. The quest for awesomeness could not wait longer and he stood up. He knew that he couldn't do the quest alone, so he sent a messenger to the mountains of Ungoliant. A few days of waiting in agony, The two sisters returned a message. They planned a date and soon decided to get started. The two sisters, for some reason also known as the puking sisters, knew they had found the right person to fulfill this quest. But with only three mates there wasn’t enough strength, courage and wisdom to proceed their journey any longer. They knew they had to find another brave person to continue in their quest. Soon after this, Pascal, King of rhythm, came forward. His flawless skills were impressive and he joined Red Roof Cat.

In their journey to success, they’ve overcome many obstacles. Red Roof Cat has seen great danger, faced death in many battles, but has also seen heavenly beauty. Still the quest proceeds after a year of exploration. Now Red Roof Cat has a new vocal explorer named Judith the Great. Due to her, Red Roof Cat is back in the game and hopes have returned. They are now ready for the next challenge and look ahead to what’s still to come.

Will they succeed in their quest? Time can only tell.